day 83 (October 18, 2016)

…listen…the center cannot hold anymore…so if youre not at least a little bit uncertain about where you are andabout what the implications of your political choices are andabout whether or not youre bucking the system or being subsumed into it then there is something definitely wrong…and thats what makes trump truly dangerous…he gives you this false sense of security that totally lubricates your slide into rightwing neoliberal oblivion…no time to even say goodbye because youre on that journey with other apparently leftminded sliders and you pass those of us who are trying to wallow through this quicksand by so quickly that we appear to be the ones stuck in cement…so ima throw this out into the ether hoping that at somepoint at someplace faraway and intothefuture these unpunctuated unwarnings overtake your slickedbobsledding into the murkymarket just like that first startrek movie where the enterprise came back to meet the future and somehow these rants make sense then because you’ll have learnt the language of whatifs and whatthens by then and you’ll finally ultimately….stop

and yet….

day 83 (October 18, 2016)

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