Day 84 (October 24, 2016)

….so you tell me
its about gender
that ive got to be for her
or else im just another
that bodyprivacy
trumps wallstreet philosophy
and firstime officebearing
deserves a place in history
i hearya i do – but
(and these smokingbuts need
to be heard above your ifs and ors
cause we not going back to those
whatifs and whatthens – not anymore)
whatabout the privacy of bodies torn asunder
whatabout dronewars and welfarereform “blunders”
whatabout prisoners lassoed in as superpredators
whatabout notasking and nottelling cause she
thought she could serve two masters
whatabout afghanistan and colombia and libya and syria
whatabout muslimbaiters and obamabirthers
and above all
whatabout the hundreds of thousands
of daughters and sisters
who aint white like her
but are constantly in her crosshair
targetted cause the great pretender
doesnt consider
them to part of her gender
what? what?
go ask her
and then look me in the eye
and tell me
that she has
an answer

and yet….

Day 84 (October 24, 2016)

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