day 82 (October 14, 2016)

….cornertrippin today
on k & a
pushin lyrics an poetry
an unrhymin fantasy
to morninmarchers
when they wont be
sparin a listen
‘cmon, go-on
you gonna wanna
hear these bars!’
wheedlin an hustlin
an droppin invisible mics
to el train
‘yo yo yo today
aint like other hip-hoppins
aint like other everydaylyricalhappenins
we mainlining
shootin into veins
collapsed by
diluted verse and prosaic prose
today we revivin from the overdose
today even i be
gettin high while sellin
cause today
this stashed crack
be leavin blood on your tracks
today these lyrics be finally
tambourine-in time
an today this rhyme
be blowin in winds in times
that finally be a-changin
today lyrics be crashin into poetry
an verse be finally
hip to hoppin

an yet….

day 82 (October 14, 2016)

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