day 146 (march 23, 2018)

…wonder why
becomes an adverb
for how he had sex
as if
pleasure and desire
and sex for hire
are even more egregious
can never ever
be put together
or as if
orgasms that are performative
need to come branded with relative
“here comes a woman
who must be pitied
not for
having sex with this
orange agent
but because her burns
demand compensation”
or as if
she isnt openly laying bare
how we are all exactly like him
carpetbombing with
missionary positions
and then
covering up
with shaming redirection
or as if
she isnt absolutely
carrying the torch into
his white house
burning it down
with smouldering vaginas
that demand
and yet…..


day 146 (march 23, 2018)

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