day 121 (July 22, 2017)

….so how the hell
can i be intersectional
the rest of that set
has no room for
any of my element
might as well spell
out that this whackass
venn theory
is the newest way
to pacify me
might as well tell
your mathematical corollary
that your original theorems
are still cocked with intent
that tolerant tangents
to homophobic equations
have replaced
equality with equivalence
committment with ambivalence
and loudass raging
with strangulatedsilence
so fuck the newmath
of closeting everything
that aint in the overlapping
fuck the newstandardizing
that consigns allofmine
to the universal
outside set lines
fuck your hypothesizing
that there is a region
outside the common
fuck more not less
fuck with more not with less
and fuck the set
with queerass sex

and yet….

day 121 (July 22, 2017)

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