day 120 (july 21, 2017)

…gotta ask
this farce
registers as government
with foot up its arse
why when
welfare and queens and crack and babies
were strung together
in sentences
presaging new lynchings
golf clapped
presidents into new terms
making them black
when they turned their backs
we thought they were
pausing for thirdwayinsights
into turning us all white
gotta ask
besties of that family
now sleeping in the
same whitehouse bed
makes us forget
how they always broke
and for eachother
throwing away the crumbs
to foodstamped scavenging
and then arresting
all who dared to
open their mouths wide
so i
gotta ask why
you keep saying
this president
is without

and yet…

day 120 (july 21, 2017)

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