day 90 (December 1, 2016)

…yo – didjaknow
that google textcrawls
through meanings and verbs
inserting fb into fbi
and antiterroristing through curbed
ideas – ’cause I’d-do-ya
with cursedwords and
and wordedcurses that
now constitute the new constitution
but yo didjaknow
that fancyass textbots
sniffing out realitytests
between red-and-blue dot
ignore poetry?
“anticontextual ungrammatical gibberish
does not compute in bigdatafetish”
so  come onboard
this poetic nebuchadnezzar
this cloaked matrixdestroyer
that will be our new communicator
lets speak not in hushed tongues
or twisted logic but in tonguetwisting lyrics
lets go on the dl with verse
that will become their worse curse
lets throw rhyme and meter
and we will deter
every snifftest of sensible
destroy every canon
with invisible cannons
and do treason
the new digitalstate

and yet….

day 90 (December 1, 2016)

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