day 89 (November 16, 2016)

…feels like
freedom is dusted and done
and religion is a kneebending
to corporategun
feels like
body is a state lab
for national policy
and going public
exposes pubic to
presidential handgrabs
gendermandering handshakes
into backstabs
and childphotos into assnabs
feels like
pipeline blood into oil
and oil into water
and whatever life
is leftover is a remainder
of recurring dismal decimals
regressing to old standards
feels like
the louder the scream
the more deafening the dream
and the sirens when they come
will flouresce bloodspatter
all over the shit that matters
felt like
this for 16 years
y’all with
with your tears for fears
marching on black streets
lined with white sihouettes…

and yet….

day 89 (November 16, 2016)

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