day 123 (august 17, 2017)

…yesterday one of ours
almost died at the hands
of an ex lover
the day before another
lost his little sister
shot in the head
by some random driver
last week
a brother was sentenced
to years more
– peeing dirty for a probation officer
who probably
lives a couple of streets over
i march because i must
but i have to tellya
its not neonazis and altrights
that my dragging feet need to fight
i protest the regulars
the everyday racebaiters
the sunday morning do-gooders
the ones who say
we not like them – they the others
and now as my feet shuffle slower
i start to connect with all the anger
and i too begin to holler
that enough is enough –
things have gone too far!
racism will be fought
with shows of strength
that will bring down the nazi president!
deep down i start to wonder
how much i have become
like them
the ones i selfrighteously
seek to win over
how i too
am desperate for an easy answer
and need
to believe that
nazis are totally visible
and always that side of the moral border

and yet….


day 123 (august 17, 2017)

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