day 105 (february 12, 2017)

…didntja wanna know
why i keep tellinya
that orange is the new black
and whitehouses backtrack
like radioshack
sellin blowback
on an 8-track?
hereyago muthafuckas
keep yo eye now
on the rejiggered
about to hit your spotify
on the dl so itll
slide on by
just like the oldays
coolio presidents
set precedents
by kickinout immigrants
at such fast rates that
you and i
didnt even see them driveby
this then
is how right learns from left-
throw a suckerpunch with
the leading fist
while the other crotchgrabs
and persuades you that
you no longer need to resist
hahahaha – this is a 1-2
that wont have even me trippin
dontknow how to dance
but these steps? they’re
hard wired in
and yet….

day 105 (february 12, 2017)

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