Day 58 (June 2, 2016)

i get it
how you not
an activist
how you just
here for the ride
swept along doing
ya thang
riding your bulls
and your drones
and your golfcarts
and your
tenyeared blingtrain
into zoning
no man has gone before
at least not
from where you grew up
i getit i tellyou
how to survive
you the one whos
you the one
my parity
you one
after all
is way more
than all these fringe
i. get. it.
but ima
and you gotta
come closer mah brotha
cause i gotta
whisper it
into your head while
licking those
untarnished earlobes
making you just
a little wet – admitit!
bystander you might be
waving bye
to every stand
but you
only as innocent
as any poet
who swallowed
words with

and yet….

Day 58 (June 2, 2016)

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