day 56 (April 24)

…..on this
the second to last
i ask
can i
finally sign off
on that past
the door
on slammers and slamming
and find
instead in
your eyes tracking
and your fingers
handjobbing on emojis
and emoticonning
can i
claw back
the im from the pure
and the virus from the viral
can i
twitterize this revolution
so you at least
read till the end
and end
all your readings
can i
lasso back
the future
from the futurist
and replace
the italian
with the afro
dreaming in
duboisian utopia
downloadable on that app
in your antisocial media
can i
love the words i
and hate the words i
in this penultimate
i just might be
finally free
of the old
can i
on this
i wonder
do anythingeverything
to wring that last drop
from the 365th
so on the 366th
i wake up
and say to On
like you
i’m still here
like you
i too
am done

and yet….

day 56 (April 24)

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