Day 44 (January 8, 2016)

my hop aint too hip
and my hip sure aint got hop
an yeah –
these stanzas
not gonna
make you stan’ up
an throw down
an most days
im jus stabbin
at keys
to release
pentup fuckedup
lockdup ovadatop
deep within
out words
that even mouth
cant roll tongue aroun
into multiphased
where water an lava
are lovers
an madness
their cum stained
bed cover
but see here-
you still readin
and for that
i need to refer
to a proper class
poetry appreciation
but waitup!
before you
fafsa-in those loans
to pay for that course
I wanna telly’all
this is why
psychos sing
this is why
I keep wordstabbin
an yet…….

Day 44 (January 8, 2016)

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