Day 37 (September 16, 2015)

….and what if
he hadn’t been on the clock
what if
potus’s pity
had droned on by
targeting other
innocent bystanders instead
what if
he had tweeted
about potus’s
and what if
the dread
of being treated
as brown dregs
had been his poetic
what if
he had scientifically
the cries
of the hundreds of ahmeds
and the thousands of muhammeds
– all dead
because the clock
exploded on their heads
time bombing their
scientific futures
into an oblivious
because they too
were in
the wrong place
and the wrong skin
and the wrong country
and the wrong science class
you have invited
them too
the white’s house?
and yet…..

Day 37 (September 16, 2015)

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