Day 15 (May 31, 2015)

…. now that
I’ve started
I’m truly converted!
your god
it seems
hands out
like vegas comps
and your god
to kill each other
on the battlefield
and your god
sends out his son
to be crucified
to resolve an
existential crisis
and your god
beheads another son
for sticking true to his mom
and your gods
flip swastikas around
theories of
aryan purity
and my god?
s/he’s the one you call a terrorist
your god’s got
to be working for the CIA
and my god’s snowed-in
for spillin the beans
so I’m back to square 1-
your god’s way too gangsta
for me
and my god’s way too whipped
does that make me a theist
or a maybe-ist
or an atheist?
and yet….

Day 15 (May 31, 2015)

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