#mouth365 project – Introduction

Hi friends. Inspired by the work of artist On Kawara (he painted a panel with the day’s date for years), I am putting together this poetry project on FB and WordPress where I add to an ongoing poem every day (possibly for a year, and some poems may take more than a day, while I may end up writing more than one on any given day). Not sure how it’s going to go, or how long I can keep it up etc, but I plan to bring it all together (the poems, the videos I sometimes embed in them, the comments following each etc) for a multimedia show at the end of the project. Participate (or not) in whatever way you see fit (the FB comments section is one way, for instance, and don’t feel the need to be kind or polite – one of the points of the project is to explore the process of writing poetry in a more interactive mileu, so don’t hold back! ) Also, feel free to share them with social media denizens, using the  fb hashtag mouth365, which is also what you can click on to bring the poems together. Mouth happens to be the pseudonym I perform under. Thanks much, and here goes everything!!

#mouth365 project – Introduction

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